The Rising Dead

© Ray Bateson


“The majority of people will soon forget this wretched affair but for some the Easter of 1916 will be a bitter memory. Every policeman who was killed or wounded during the rebellion was engaged in the performance of a duty they could not avoid, and it is lamentable in the extreme that they suffered so severely.

They have been cut off in their prime by their own countrymen without warning and so far as we are judges without cause. Wives have been left without husbands, children without fathers, parents without sons and sorrow has entered the house of many.”

The Rising Dead RIC & DMP tells the stories of how, where and when three members of the Dublin Metropolitan Police and fourteen members of the Royal Irish Constabulary were killed during the Easter Rising and where they are buried. Their stories are compiled from the newspaper reports of the events, the inquests, the trials, witness statements and other sources.

The Rising Dead RIC & DMP is the second in a series of four books that

focus on the deaths of all those killed during the Easter Rising. The Rising was mainly confined to the Dublin area but a number of incidents in the countryside resulted in the deaths of 13 members of the Royal Irish Constabulary.

The Rising Dead RIC & DMP examines the deaths of all these policemen from contemporary newspaper articles, inquest and trial reports, witness statements and other sources.